Woodruffs and your data

If you provide personal information to us, we only use it for the reason you provide it.

The information you provide includes contact details (name, postal address, email address, phone number) and card payment details.

Woodruffs will use your details to contact to you if there is a problem with the delivery and to occasionally to follow up after a delivery to check everything was OK.

Orders are received by email, accessible to two or three members of staff. Completed orders are automatically deleted from the email after one month. Emails are often printed out and are shredded and recycled once the delivery has taken place.

When you pay online, Woodruffs only sees the last four digits of your card number. When you pay over the phone, a member of staff enters the card details you give over the phone into the same system as used for online payments.

Payment is handled by Square. Square’s privacy policy is here.

If the delivery is handled by The Bike Drop, we pass your contact details on to them so they are able to deliver and so they can contact you if they have trouble finding you. The Bike Drop have a privacy data protection policy available on request.

The ordering and payment process is handled by Just Eat and you can view their privacy policy on their website. Your contact details are passed to Woodruffs for the purposes of us delivering your order and contacting you if there is a problem. This happens via a printout on a JustEat terminal. The printout is destroyed once the delivery is complete.

All your data is handled through StroudCo. Woodruffs simply receives a summary of the total number of dishes to supply to StroudCo’s distribution centre.

Your details are used solely for the purposes of the Woodruffs mailing list. Data is stored by the owner and also securely on Mailchimp, which is used to create the emails.

Your email will remain in the email system for a period of time (accessible only by the owner) or your phone number will remain on the recent call list on the phone. Your details will not be used for any other reason.

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