About our use of organic products

We use close to 100% organic ingredients but sometimes it is impossible, impractical, or less desirable than non-organic. Here are the few occasions where we are non-organic. Otherwise, you can assume items are organic (certified) or grown to organic principles (not certified).

Prohibitive price
Nigella seeds – more than 3x more expensive

Organic not available
• Star anise
• Aleppo pepper flakes
• Sugar and sweetener sachets

• Pastries (we’d rather leave their production to the experts but have not yet found any decent organic ones)
• Some smoothies

Out of stock
Sometimes the organic version is out of stock or we have to dash out to local shops for extra supplies, and organic isn’t always available.

Supporting small British suppliers
Sometimes organic supplies are only available from abroad when a non-organic product is available more locally with fewer food miles. We may use the local equivalent if we feel that on balance it is the most sustainable thing to do. We are fans of Hodmedod’s for promoting the use of British-grown products. 

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