Our coffee

FLAVOUR: Rich, dark and caramelised.
LOCATION: A mix of Central/South American beans varying throughout the year depending on harvest seasons and availability. At time of writing, a mix of Peruvian and Honduran.
ROASTED: In Ross-on-Wye, under 30 miles from the café.
ETHICAL CREDENTIALS: The Peruvian beans are from two small-hold community farmers while the Honduras beans are from a collective providing careers for women in a country that has one of the lowest gender equality balances in the world.
Beans from both countries are purchased directly rather than via FairTrade as it means the farmers are paid more fairly for the quality of their crops rather than a percentage over the base market rate as paid by 'Fair Trade’.

If you prefer your coffee less dark, ask about our guest organic coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee is also available of course, also organic and and using a water process to remove the caffeine.

Coffee for home? We have bags of beans or ground coffee.

Making coffee
Our milk(s)

Both our dairy and non-dairy milks are organic.

DAIRY: Woefuldane Dairy is a family-run farm based just outside Minchinhampton. Their Dairy Shorthorn cows are fed primarily on hay and grass and only kept inside in the harshest of weather. Their first two summers are spent grazing the 1000 acres of Minchinhampton Common. To stay as natural as possible the milk is not homogenised, meaning it does not go through a mechanical process to break up the fat molecules and we often have to shake the milk bottles!

PLANT-BASED: Our oat and almond milks are from Italy (so not contributing to droughts and bee deaths in California) and the soy milk uses soy from France – so no need to worry about rain forests being cut down to plant soy.

Whatever the milk, we sometimes have to pop out to a nearby shop for emergency supplies so brands may change, but we always aim for organic.

Other hot drinks

Loose leaf and bagged tea is available including a good range of herbals.

We make our own hot chocolate – simply Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance cocoa and Fairtrade sugar (both FairTrade), or we can do just cocoa.

Or maybe try our homemade chai (warming spices, no caffeine), turmeric and ginger latte, or a ceremonial-grade matcha latte

Like our coffee, all these drinks are organic.

Syrups and sugars.

Organic caramel, vanilla, and almond syrup is available, and possibly other flavours. We don’t have sugar-free syrups because their weird ingredients don’t really fit with our ethos of natural food.

Sugar and sweetener sachets are not organic (they are virtually impossible to get hold of) but we have organic FairTrade raw cane sugar behind the counter if you want it.


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