Outdoor seating from 12 April

From 12 April, outdoor seating is allowed once again so you can enjoy your coffee or food whilst sitting down! We are working through our 85-point to-do list (!) to be ready for Monday. Here’s what to expect:

• The counter will remain at the door
• We will usually hand over your drinks and cakes at the counter. During busy Saturday periods we might be able to deliver to your table. 
• We will bring kitchen food orders to you.
• Proper crockery is back! From 4pm we will revert to takeaway cups to avoid last-minute washing up as it adds to staff costs we can’t really justify at the moment.
• Breakfast also returns along with a full lunch menu.

Covid regulations
• Track and Trace is back if you are sitting down or entering to use the toilet. The rules have changed slightly. Firstly, if you tell us you refuse to check in, we must now legally refuse to serve you. Secondly, everybody over 16 must now check in, not just one person in your group. As before, you can check in using the NHS app or by filling in a paper form.
• All of the previous guidelines remain: face coverings unless seated (and unless exempt), 1m+ distancing. Number of people per table is up to six from any household (any age), or any number of two households (not that our tables are big enough for more than a few people anyway!)

Our full breakfast and lunch menu returns

For the last few months we have had a limited food menu but to coincide with outdoor seating, we are bringing back our full menu.

• Breakfast makes a return. As well as classics like eggs on toast and porridge with fresh banana and blueberries, try our new pea ‘guacamole’ on sourdough as a sustainable, protein-rich healthy breakfast. On Fridays and the weekends, we will have crêpes too.

• On the lunch menu, we have a wonderful Spring nourish bowl salad, a black bean burger, and more.

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